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Applications of TitanSolid Across Industries

Public Transport and Automobiles

Poręcze, siedzenia, szyby, podłoga – te wszystkie powierzchnie są nośnikami mikroorganizmów zHandrails, seats, windows, floors – all of these surfaces are covered with infectious microorganisms that can transmit the common cold, influenza, diarrhea and other infections. One can merely hold on to a handrail and then unwittingly touch their face and become infected…

The TitanSolidTM coating can dramatically reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria and molds.

The benefits of using TitanSolidTM on public transport and in automobiles:

  • Coated surfaces contain up to 93% fewer microorganisms than non-coated surfaces.
  • By using the TitanSolidTM solution, public transport operators can reduce the spread of respiratory infections and other illnesses contracted by touching surfaces. A UK study found an increase in respiratory infections (colds and flu) in people who had used the bus or tram in the previous five days /Troko et al., 2011/.
  • TitanSolidTM can fully replace the biocides that would otherwise be used during an influenza or other viral epidemic.
  • The drawback of using traditional chemicals to disinfect surfaces is that these chemicals rapidly lose their effectiveness. Their effects typically only last a few hours, and a simple human touch of the surface is usually enough to ensure that it will need to be cleaned again.
  • Using TitanSolidTM in a new car reduces the presence of volatile organic compounds by 75-80% (The toxicity of “new car smell”: car smell).

Food Processing

TitanSolid jest od lat często stoTitanSolidTM is frequently used by the food processing industry, particularly at dairy plants. We recommend its use at all food processing plants.

Surfaces for which coating is recommended:

  • All premises and buildings: production halls, changing rooms, toilets (walls, ceilings, ceramics, bathroom fixtures, windows), and built-in elements such as door handles, handrails, light switches, etc.
  • Machines and equipment: machines used on production lines, electronic devices, etc.
  • Health and safety equipment: work clothes, masks, shoes, gloves, etc.
  • We also have tailored solutions for HVAC systems and water treatment.

The benefits of using our coating:

  • Coating large areas of a chicken or egg farm can reduce the animal mortality rate. TitanSolidTM kills all types of viruses, including bird flu, SARS, and HxNx.
  • By coating machines and equipment, you can minimize the presence of various bacteria including salmonella, listeria and e. coli, as well as molds and viruses that could potentially contaminate your product.
  • By covering all surfaces, a manufacturing facility can achieve a much better overall microbial environment and reduce volatile organic compound emissions.
  • Common chemical disinfectants used today lose their effectiveness in only a few hours, whereas antimicrobial coatings ensure that surfaces remain germ-free for an extended period. Using fewer biocides or using them in lower concentrations is environmentally-friendly and can be publicized in a corporate social responsibility campaign.
  • Coating work clothing means that employees will carry far fewer microbes into the production facility.

Health Care System

Hospital-acquired infections from stays in healthcare facilities are unfortunately very common and have a negative impact on treatment efficacy.

These nosocomial infections are caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria and develop in one-in-twenty hospitalized patients, killing tens of thousands of people worldwide each year. In addition to reducing the effectiveness of medical care and being potentially life-threatening, they create a significant financial burden.

The TitanSolidTM coating has been shown in lab tests to be very effective against MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). The explanation for this is simple – it is impossible for bacteria to build up any immunity to the photocatalytic reaction because it is a natural physical process which destroys single-celled organisms.

Recommended areas of application:

  • Hospital rooms: operating rooms, treatment rooms, intensive care rooms, hematology and pulmonology centers, etc.
  • Equipment: MRI, CT, and X-Ray equipment, dental equipment, operating tables, etc. and even electronic devices.
  • Hospital gowns, mattresses, bedsheets and towels.
  • Interiors of ambulatory vehicles.
  • Kitchen environments.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Bathroom and water facilities.


  • The TitanSolidTM coating retains its antiseptic properties for long periods because the coating bonds to surfaces at the molecular level. Since it does not scratch or scuff of surfaces (it remains bonded to the surface for no less than 12 months), the coating provides continuous protection against microbes. Furthermore, the coating is active 24 hours a day.
  • By using the coating, the hospital reduces the prevalence of nosocomial infections and doctors can spend their time treating patients. In the end, risks to patients and healthcare professionals are lowered and costs for patients, insurance companies and governments decline.

Offices, Stores, and Public Spaces

Schools, kindergartens, offices, shops, banks, factories and customer service centers are places which numerous people visit every day. Both the surfaces and the air in these locations host large numbers of different types of germs. Surfaces like door handles, handrails, and buttons (whether in the elevator or on the office coffee maker) are breeding grounds for microbes and are routinely touched by people.

All of these surfaces, despite traditional disinfection and regular cleaning, can be hosts for infectious microorganisms that transmit colds, influenza, diarrhea and other infections. A person’s hand carries traces of bodily fluids (sweat, saliva, mucous, urine and even fecal matter) and can transfer millions of bacteria and viruses to any surface that person touches.

The benefits of using TitanSolidTM:

  • Coated surfaces contain up to 93% fewer microorganisms than non-coated surfaces.
  • By using the TitanSolidTM coating, employers and facility operators can reduce the spread of respiratory infections and other illnesses contracted from touched surfaces.
  • TitanSolidTM can fully replace the biocides that would otherwise be used during an influenza or other viral epidemic. Traditional chemical disinfectants lose their effectiveness in only a few hours, whereas our antimicrobial coatings ensure that surfaces remain germ-free for extended periods.

Recommended uses:

  • Door handles, light switches, buttons
  • Tables and chairs in conference rooms
  • Places where customers congregate – counters, tables, chairs

Public Pools, Health Clubs, Hotel Spas

Water is a better carrier for microbes than air. At indoor swimming pools, the warm, humid air and warm pool water create an optimal environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae. As a result, public swimming pools, wellness and fitness centers, aquaparks, spas and hotels all have to make a concerted effort to limit the growth of potentially infectious microbe colonies.

Certain types of bacteria, such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, are aseptic and can survive in disinfectant solutions containing chlorine, which is the most commonly used disinfectant in this industry. These types of bacteria are responsible for an entire list of serious diseases because they are highly adaptable to changing conditions and many species are extremely resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Molds and mildew are also well-known problems for the wellness industry. They can easily spread in places like public pools and gym locker rooms, causing a myriad of health problems.

The benefits of coating surfaces using TitanSolidTM:

  • Outdoor pools: instead of doing shock disinfection to the pool water, we can treat the pool itself in order to block the growth of algae and keep any surface from becoming slippery.
  • Small pools: It is difficult to gauge the optimal chemical concentration in these pools (jacuzzis, bath barrels). By coating the surfaces of these pools with TitanSolidTM, owners can avoid worrying about the right chemical balance and the risks associated with using too much or too little of the chemical disinfectant.
  • Pools with hot or thermal water: The most common infections are caused by bacteria such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, shigella, and E. coli. TitanSolidTM can neutralize these types of bacteria, which cannot be done with standard chemicals due to the water temperature. Our solution provides a strong disinfecting effect while compensating for changes in the water’s chemical balance.
  • Showers, changing rooms, toilets, and floors: molds and mildew are the main culprits in these areas. If someone has even a small break in their skin, they can easily become infected and such an infection can take weeks or months to heal.

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