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TitanSolid Structure

TitanSolid Structure

TitanSolid Structure is a simple solution for use on buildings, industrial facilities, and pavements. It creates a hydrophilic coating on surfaces. Due to the photocatalytic combustion of all organic pollutants, rain alone is enough to wash the dirt off of protected surfaces, like glass (windows, glass facades). Thanks to these properties, glazing and gypsum plasters do not need to be cleaned for many years, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

The self-cleaning coating also boasts air-purifying and antibacterial properties. Furthermore, it blocks the growth of fungi and mold. TitanSolid Structure is recommended for use in the conservation and protection of historic buildings. It can be applied to any type of surface as it does not discolor or alter the structure of the material.

Product Description

TitanSolid Structure is a self-cleaning, photocatalytic coating based on nanotechnology that naturally protects buildings and the environment. TitanSolid Structure uses natural light to trigger chemical reactions. After the coating is applied, reactive oxygen species (hydroxyl radicals) are produced on its surface, which eliminate all airborne organic pollutants (dust, pollen, etc.), turning them into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. Due to the coating’s hydrophilic and antistatic properties, remaining inorganic impurities are washed away by rainwater.

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TitanSolid Structure can be used on:

  • Glass facades
  • Mineral plasters and other facades
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Pavement and paving stones
  • Solar panels
  • Historic buildings


The self-cleaning coating is an innovative combination of super-hydrophilic, photocatalytic and antistatic features. Application of a nano-coating of the compound to the outside of a building is enough to achieve the desired self-cleaning effect, without fear that it will alter the color or damage the material.

In addition, the product can be used on pavement and paving stones to provide self-cleaning and air purification functions (NOx decomposition). TitanSolid Structure keeps buildings and other structures clean and reduces maintenance and upkeep costs.

TitanSolid Structure represents a breakthrough in the conservation of historic sites. By using TitanSolid Structure, chemical and high-pressure jet cleaning, which can result in erosion and damage to historic buildings and monuments, can be avoided. Furthermore, water consumption and the use of chemical cleaning agents is minimized.

Product Characteristics

  • Extremely hydrophilic
  • Decomposes organic pollutants
  • Prevents growth of mold and fungi
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Antistatic
  • Purifies air and decomposes NOx
  • Energy-saving
  • Protects the environment by reducing use of water and chemical cleaners
  • Water-based product


Surfaces coated with TitanSolid Structure are protected from dust, acid rain and other airborne pollutants, including organic pollutants such as oil in the air, and even light graffiti. With its antistatic properties, the coating repels dust and other particulates. It also blocks growth of mold and other fungi.

The coating also eliminates nearby pollutants: car exhaust fumes, formaldehyde, benzene, and volatile organic compounds.

TitanSolid Structure also has properties that absorb and protect against UV radiation. During the summer months, it helps lower energy consumption by reducing the need to cool the building.

A 100m2 surface area coated with TitanSolidTM cleans as much air as 30 large deciduous trees!

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