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TitanSolidTM is an antiviral, antibacterial photocatalytic coating system based on a unique chemical formulation. TitanSolidTM nanoparticles are suspended in either water or alcohol (depending on the type of surface to be treated).

Under the influence of light, both natural and artificial, the TitanSolid coating acquires disinfecting properties. This disinfecting process is continuous and lasts no less than 12 months from the moment the coating is applied.

Product Description

TitanSolidTM works utilizing the principle of photocatalysis. The main component of the coating is a thin layer of titanium dioxide. After a surface is coated, reactive oxygen species (hydroxyl radicals) are produced which eliminate bacteria, viruses and other organic contaminants, converting them to harmless carbon dioxide, water vapor and simple inorganic ions. Certification confirming the efficacy of the coating can be found HERE.

Titanium dioxide itself is harmless to humans and is regularly added to everyday products like yogurt and skin cream, to which it gives a white and silky shine.

The coating is extremely durable and remains active for no less than 12 months. Surfaces coated with TitanSolidTM do not require additional decontamination/sterilization. LumiChem always conducts tests to ensure that the coating is active following application.


TitanSolidTM can be applied to all types of surfaces. We select the correct product and application technique depending on the properties of the surface to be coated as well as environmental factors. TitanSolidTM can be used on: wood, metal, ceramic, glass, paper, plastic, concrete, textiles (cotton, upholstery, etc.), leather, and many other materials.

Properties of TitanSolidTM:

  • Colorless, odorless, and invisible to the naked eye
  • Suitable for use on all types of surfaces: glass, steel, plastic, ceramic, textiles, acrylic, concrete, wood
  • Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles bond to surfaces
  • Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Cleans the air, neutralizes odors, eliminates all types of airborne organic particulates, absorbs UV rays
  • Extremely durable – retains its antiseptic qualities for more than a year after application
  • Cannot be removed by traditional cleaning products. The coating can only be removed using chlorine-based products.

Thanks to TitanSolidTM, frequent (hourly, daily, weekly) disinfection can be dispensed with. Normal cleaning is sufficient and there is no need for additional sterilization or disinfection of the surface.


TitanSolidTM is extremely durable and remains bonded to the treated surface for no less than a year. It cannot be removed with water or traditional cleaning products. Only products containing chlorine can damage the coating.

It is far more effective than antibacterial products containing silver, which kill bacteria but do not eliminate them – the bodies of the dead bacteria and their endotoxins remain on the surface and serve as a medium for other microorganisms.

TitanSolidTM is also far more effective than commonly used ozone treatments. A comparison of TitanSolidTM versus ozonation can be found HERE.

Application Method

  • TitanSolidTM is applied to surfaces using a special spray technology that ensures even distribution of the compound.
  • The coating is invisible to the naked eye.
  • The compound is always applied by our technicians using precision equipment, while taking environmental conditions, industrial requirements, and workplace safety regulations into account.
  • The compound is applied in several layers.
  • Coating an area of 1,000m2 (approximately 10,764 square feet) takes 5-8 hours (not including preparation). Drying time is about 15-30 minutes between coats and after completion.
  • Spaces that have been coated can be safely entered and touched two hours after completion of the treatment.
  • TitanSolidTM is applied by trained professionals and is not available for do-it-yourselfers.

Quality Control

  • Professional disinfection of all surfaces prior to the application of TitanSolidTM.
  • Swab samples taken by LumiChem professionals for testing under a luminometer in order to ascertain the effectiveness of the coating. Samples are taken prior to the application of TitanSolidTM and at an agreed-upon later date for comparison purposes.
  • Reporting to the client in writing, along with photographic documentation, test results and quality controls. We strongly encourage our clients to participate in viewing the luminometer results.
  • We highly recommend the addition of LumiBoost to increase the effectiveness of the TitanSolidTM coating.

How we verify the effectiveness of the coating

We use ATP (adenosine triphosphate) technology to check the level of microbial activity on surfaces. This is both the fastest and optimal way to check the effectiveness of the coating. The nanolayer of titanium dioxide (TiO2), under exposure to light, catalyzes the reaction, creating hydroxyl radicals. These highly-reactive radicals break down and damage cell membranes. Since the majority of microbes are single-celled organisms, they quickly die after contact with surfaces coated with TitanSolidTM.

ATP is a molecule found in and around living cells and, as such, gives a direct measurement of biological concentration and health. The amount of ATP is determined by measuring the light generated by the reaction of ATP with the naturally occurring bioluminescent enzyme luciferase using a luminometer. The amount of light generated is directly proportional to the number of living organisms in the sample.

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