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TiTitanSolidTM is an antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal system of photocatalytic coatings based on a proprietary chemical formulation. It can be used on any surface. The compound uses light as a catalyst to bring forth the disinfecting properties of titanium dioxide. It cleans the air and neutralizes odors. The disinfection process is continuous and lasts no less than 12 months from the moment the coating is applied. More about TitanSolidTM.

Since its introduction in 2017, TitanSolidTM has been tested by numerous independent laboratories and government institutions. Its antibacterial, antiviral and fungicidal properties have been tested and confirmed. The product has received a number of certifications and reviews attesting to its efficacy.

Najważniejsze z nich to:It has received numerous certifications, authorizations and reviews, the most important of which are:

  • Central Institute For Labour Protection (CIOP): product safety confirmed by analysis of the concentration of TiO2 nanoparticles in the air during and after application of the coating (December 29, 2017);
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties – in accordance with PN-EN 1040 and 1275 standards; Tests conducted using the qualitative method in accordance with the methodology prescribed by PN-EN ISO 20645:2006 (bacteria), PN-EN ISO 14119:2005 (fungi), and PN-EN ISO 22196:2011 (bacteria).
  • Confirmation of the biocidal properties of fibers treated with biocides. Tests conducted using ISO 18184 method;
  • Certified tests of air microbiology (A) PB-05/P ed. 2 on April 1, 2018;

You can find complete documentation on quality and safety protocols and controls HERE.

Yes. The GIS has approved its use as part of reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes. The Copernicus Science Centre. You can learn more about the use of TitanSolidTM at the Copernicus Science Center HERE.

The product is manufactured in Poland. TitanSolidTM is a registered trademark.

In order to understand the genesis of TitanSolidTM, we have to go back to 1972, when Japanese scientists Kenichi Honda and Akira Fujishima discovered the TiO2 photocatalysis effect. It wasn’t until 2000, however, that the principles of TiO2 photocatalysis were published in Japan. Since then, numerous studies on the biocidal properties of TiO2 have been conducted and their results published.

In 2016, LumiChem began working with companies in the food industry, offering a coating compound guaranteeing microbiological purity at dairy plants. The compound was created using titanium dioxide – TiO2 – as its active ingredient. At this same time, a group of researchers at the Jagiellonian University’s Department of Inorganic Chemistry, under the direction of Dr. Wojciech Macyk, was conducting studies on how to achieve titanium dioxide’s photocatalytic effects without the use of UV light.

Working together, the scientists and LumiChem created the TitanSolidTM and LumiBoost system in 2017.

The TitanSolidTM protective coating has received a slew of certifications and attestations of safety and compliance, independent reviews, identifiers and registrations.

TitanSolidTM is currently the most effective and longest lasting system of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal coatings available anywhere in the world. It is completely safe for humans, odorless and colorless. You can enter rooms and touch objects that have been coated very soon after application. You merely need to wait until the coating dries completely. The antimicrobial properties of the coating last for a minimum of 12 months. By contrast, the effects of ozonation or cleaning with traditional chemical disinfectants last only a short while.

The TitanSolidTM-coated surface creates reactive oxygen species (hydroxyl radicals) which destroy microorganisms, and are six to eight times more powerful than ozone. TitanSolidTM is invisible to the naked eye and harmless to humans. It cannot be rubbed or scratched off. The coating can only be damaged or removed with chlorine-based chemicals.

A comparison of TitanSolidTM with chemical cleaning and ozonation can be found HERE.

TitanSolidTM contains <0.9% TiO2.

TitanSolidTM is safe for humans. This is confirmed the numerous certifications the product has received from public health organizations, including the Central Institute For Labour Protection (CIOP) and the Polish National Institute of Public Health (PZH).

In fact, the coating has a net positive effect on health because it allows people to reside in environments mostly free of bacteria and viruses and to breathe significantly cleaner air.

Find out more about the properties of TitanSolidTM HERE.

Stories about negative effects of titanium dioxide have appeared in the press and on social media in recent times. These negative effects, however, pertain only to contact with TiO2 in extremely high concentrations (i.e. during the production process) and only in powdered form. They do not pertain to LumiChem’s TitanSolidTM, which is a liquid.

You can learn more about the EU’s ruling on the safety of titanium dioxide HERE.

Absolutely. The coating in no way negatively affects health. On the contrary, it improves air quality because airborne contaminants that come into contact with the coating are destroyed. The greater the surface area that is coated in a given room, the better the air quality.

This is confirmed by tests conducted by an accredited laboratory at several BNP Paribas bank branches which were treated with TitanSolidTM:

  • The coating produced a 95-98% reduction in viruses and bacteria on surfaces (desks, door handles, kitchen counters, etc.)
  • The indoor air quality was 95% better than the air outside (provided walls, ceilings, desks and other surfaces had been coated)

To protect the office, we recommend coating all surfaces that are touched: desks, chairs, door handles, light switches, keyboards, etc. Additionally, if you want to purify the air, the coating can be applied to the ceiling, walls and floors, which will dramatically reduce the number of airborne microorganisms. An example of the coating being applied at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews can be viewed HERE.

To protect common spaces in office buildings we recommend coating:

  • The reception area (counters, walls and floors)
  • Elevator lobbies
  • Elevators

TYes. TitanSolidTM is an antiviral system of photocatalytic coatings based on a proprietary chemical formulation. The compound uses light as a catalyst to bring out the disinfecting properties of titanium dioxide. It cleans the air and neutralizes odors. The disinfection process is continuous and lasts no less than 12 months from the moment the coating is applied.

Yes. TitanSolidTM kills the coronavirus and all other types of viruses, in addition to killing bacteria, molds and mildew.

PThe coating becomes active once it dries and is activated by light. The coating is sprayed onto surfaces in an extremely fine mist and needs about two hours to dry completely. After this time has passed, it is completely safe to touch treated surfaces. We do recommend, however, that treated surfaces not be cleaned with chemical cleaners for two days after application.

It is the only coating system that is activated by both natural and artificial light and works in the entire spectrum of visible light. TitanSolidTM works on the principle of photocatalysis. The treated surface creates reactive oxygen species (hydroxyl radicals) which eliminate bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, converting them into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. UV light is not used (and not needed) to activate the coating’s disinfecting properties.

TitanSolidTM can be applied to all types of surfaces. We select the correct product and application technique depending on the properties of the surface to be coated as well as environmental factors. TitanSolidTM can be used on: wood, metal, ceramic, glass, paper, plastic, concrete, textiles (cotton, upholstery, etc.), leather, and many other materials.

WszystkIt depends on the intensity and type of light. In the case of strong sunlight, several minutes of exposure is enough to activate the coating. In the case of artificial light – 2-3 hours per day. The essential piece of information is that the coating remains active continuously.

The TitanSolidTM coating is invisible to the naked eye and is completely colorless and odorless. And you wouldn’t know that a surface has been coated by touching it. For instance, you would not know that an article of clothing has been treated because it will not feel slick or slippery.

No. Surfaces coated with TitanSolidTM can be cleaned regularly, but there is no need to further disinfect them. The coating cannot be damaged by cleaning products containing alcohol, vinegar or other chemical compounds. TitanSolidTM is also resistant to abrasion as it bonds to surfaces at a molecular level.

Only chlorine and chlorine-based cleaning products can damage the coating.

TitanSNo. Quite the contrary, TitanSolidTM protects surfaces from environmental factors. For instance, we recommend its use on historic buildings and monuments. It protects surfaces from the harmful effects of environmental contaminants like acid rain and UV rays.

PowieSurfaces coated with TitanSolidTM can be cleaned with all commercially available cleaning products, with the exception of products containing chlorine. You should also avoid products containing abrasives as well as avoid cleaning surfaces in an abrasive, physical manner. We also recommend that treated surfaces not be cleaned with chemical cleaners for two days after application.

Coated surfaces still require cleaning and care. The coating kills microorganisms – bacteria, viruses and fungi – and also neutralizes other organic compounds. Dirt, dust, oils and grime will still settle on surfaces, which will require regular cleaning and maintenance. You will NOT, however, need to use disinfectants or ozone.

Yes. LumiChem conducts periodic inspections during the warranty period to ensure that the coating is actively eliminating microbes. Swab samples are taken from various spots to be examined under a luminometer. LumiChem guarantees its claimed reduction in the number of microorganisms on surfaces, or benchmarks of maintaining microbiological purity according to standards determining the degree of microbial elimination.

The process of applying the coating is as follows:

  • Prior to application, LumiChem employees take swab samples which are examined under a luminometer in order to determine the level of microbial contamination.
  • Surfaces are then professionally disinfected prior to the application of TitanSolidTM.
  • The coating is then applied by trained LumiChem employees using LVLP spray guns.
  • After the coating is applied, swab samples are taken again for testing under the luminometer in order to confirm that the coating is active. Further samples are taken at a later, agreed-upon date to ensure that the TitanSolidTM coating is actively eliminating microbes.
  • LumiChem reports to the client in writing, and provides photographic documentation, the test results. We strongly encourage our clients to participate in viewing the luminometer results.
  • We highly recommend the addition of LumiBoost to increase the effectiveness of the TitanSolidTM coating.

Yes, definitely. No special measures need to be taken prior to application of the coating.

Yes, the TitanSolidTM coating will stick to glass. Frequent cleaning with alcohol-based solutions will not remove the coating nor decrease its effectiveness.

Yes, the coating will remain on upholstery. Neither dry cleaning nor the use of detergents will affect it – TitanSolidTM molecules on textiles remain active even after 10 chemical washes. TitanSolid’sTM biocidal effectiveness on fabrics has been confirmed by tests conducted in accordance with PN-EN ISO 20645: 2006 and PN-EN ISO 14119: 2005 standards.

After the application of TitanSolidTM, we will issue a certificate, that can be hung on a wall, attesting to the fact that your premises have been treated and now present a much safer and healthier environment. We can also provide you with stickers stating that your place of business has been treated with TitanSolidTM.

At your request, we can conduct follow-up control tests, which we will then certify.

OThe first real-world application of TitanSolidTM occurred in 2016 at a dairy plant in Poland. Spomlek, one of the largest and most modern dairy companies in Poland, uses our product on its cheese production line. Since 2017, TitanSolidTM has been applied in a much wider range of industries.

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